Monday, August 4, 2008

Susuk - Not worth the wait!!!!

I have never been HUGELY disappointed in my entire life on a film that i had so much high hopes on. I kept telling myself do not get over excited on something thats not certain yet. But i just can't help myself but to HOPE! I was CRUSHED BIG TIME! The movie was a mix of SERIAL KILLER + CANNIBALISM + BAD ACTING + VAMPIRE LIKE + HORNY + HUSBAND ABUSE = GONE WRONG!

I manage to make it to the recent press preview from Grand Brilliance on their latest film SUSUK! As the lights began to dim and everyone was seated i was bracing myself for a good film. As the main title sequence appeared i was APPLAUDING along with the rest of the casts, it was just a small number of us who actually applauded during the intro, and was entranced with its sundanese inspired musical score and its great graphics where the title was carved on the back of a women's body. Along came Ida Nerina running into the scene in the BRIGHT BLOOD RED kebaya fainting on to the pavement. Followed closely behind her was Adlin Aman Ramlie who then lifted her and began moving offscreen. That was among the FEW scenes that i enjoyed in this movie. As to the rest of it, it was just a HORROR THRILLER GONE WRONG!

My expectation of the movie was absolutely not met. I expect to TRULY UNDERSTAND what was so TABOO about SUSUK. Why was it FROWNED upon? What makes the practice so dangerous? What are the restrictions to those who practices it? Most of the questions i had on this SUBJECT was left unanswered! I was not alone on this but many of the other media representatives felt the same way too. It was so confusing. Throughout the whole film DAHI NI BERKERUT JER!!!! (quoted from one reporters mouth). The story did not reveal the many faces of SUSUK but merely tackled on a much easier medium to relate the practice of susuk with the entertainment industry.

Let me have a go with the casts first. I am a big fan of Ida Nerina and her works but to be honest this is her WORST acting to date! I have never seen her this bad ever! I have no idea why Amir Muhammad created such a character to be acted out that way. They actually had her in this hideous black stripped outfit jumping here and there with long nails as this so called "PENUNGGU or SERIAL KILLER to me lah" who is out to kill so she could devour their flesh to complete her TRANSFORMATION from practicing a normal susuk to SUSUK KERAMAT. Then there's SOFEA JANE and ALEEZA KASSIM, who are there just for their BEAUTY! That was it. These are two LEADING LADIES who was there to look great BERKEMBAN DALAM AIR BUNGA!

Diana Rafar's attempt to cross over to the silver screen is nothing to be praised about. It was something we have seen before. Nothing new. She was just plain and ordinary. I am not sure whether its her or the structure of the story that made her that way.

There are plenty other flaws in this movie that i have no time to tackle them one by one. But, the main letdown was the storyline of the movie. The music score on the other hand was BRILLIANT! I'm sure Pak Hassan Muthalib would agree with me on this, at least. Good job Hardesh. If you happen to read this by any chance i would like to request a copy of the movie's original score.

Technically the film was not bad thanx to Naeim Ghalili the co-director of this film. Cinematography wise it was ok. Good angles especially the last shot of Putrajaya. It also had this great graphic transition throughout the film. But a bit too frequently used. You could actually tell when and where the transition was going to morph.

I think its Amir's INDIE mentality that made this movie to be the way it was. I think thats why many indie film makers who are just so good at doing their indie stuff but can never go mainstream. People would have trouble understanding their crafts. Not many people have the same patience as i do but people pay to go to the cinema to be entertained not to be thrown all these scenes that makes you think of why is this like that, why did that happen and why is Aleeza Kassim in a TWO PIECE! I mean if there are a few scenes inviting your audience participation to think then its ok but THROUGHOUT??? I dont think so. Having to KERUT YOUR DAHI for nearly 2 hours is very torturing. Those after watching this film would seriously need a SUSUK session or a great BOTOX doctor. Entertain viewers not torture them. But, dont take my word for it, have a go and watch it yourself and tell me what you think about it.

All i want to say is JAMES LEE, do not dissapoint me!

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Amir said...

Thanks for your sterling candour ;-)

And if you really think I am "so good" at indie movies, you wouldn't want to miss Malaysian Gods next month :-)