Monday, August 4, 2008


This year they will be releasing the final top 5 for the BEST ORIGINAL THEME SONG category on the award night itself. Last year they applied it only on BEST FILM which was announced in the end. The final reveal of who made it for BEST FILM shocked many media reporters, i was there sitting right in front of them hearing their whispers like "EH, APASAL FILEM TUE TAK TERCALON. BIAR BETUL?" "THEY GOT TO BE JOKING?" "CITER NIE YANG DAPAT PENCALONAN? MOTIF????".

For the 21st Malaysian Film Festival they are doing the same thing again for BEST FILM and adding BEST ORIGINAL THEME SONG to the TOP SECRET list of nominations in their hands. Well since they do not provide a top 5, here are my predictions. The one that i have highlighted in red is most likely to win. You have to remember its not about THE MOST popular song, its about AN ORIGINAL THEME SONG that resembles the whole FILM!

Hati - Dato' Siti Nurhaliza (1957: Hati Malaya)

Hampir Ke Situ - Mendua (Duyung)

Kayangan - Ajai & Tenku Mimi (Kayangan)

Marabahaya - Pop Shuvit (Impak Maksima)

Kau Ada Dia - The Lima (Kau Ada Dia)

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