Thursday, August 7, 2008

BEST ANIMATION Malaysian Film Festival 21 - THE UNDERDOG

Most entries in the Best Animation category for this year's Malaysian Film Festival came mostly from One Academy and individual submission. But they would have never thought that a big animation company such as Les' Copaque Production would be their biggest contender for this category. Many favor UPIN & IPIN to emerge as champion as they had won recently at the KUALA LUMPUR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL last year for BEST ANIMATION. But please do not look down on the other nominees as they do deliver quite a strong piece of artwork. I have managed to find a few of their works on youtube so do have a look at what UPIN & IPIN are up against.

Best Animation

Apocalypse (i couldnt find this one)

Family Portrait

Upin & Ipin

World War

Nene Breshke

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