Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3 KAYANGAN Girls battle it out!

These 3 smashing babes will be battling it out in their respective category for this years 21st Malaysian Film Festival. Who will bring home the honorable title as this years winner? Well in my opinion none of them will. If we were to look at their fellow nominees, they would only come close to only 2nd or 3rd place. For instance:

Most Promising Actress
Julia Binti Bob Fauzi Ziegler (Julia Ziegler) (Kayangan)
Lisa Surihani Binti Mohamed (Lisa Surihani ) (I'm Not Single)
Mas Normuharni Sheikhah Bt Mohd Sattar (Mas Muharni) (Wayang)
Avaa Vanja Binti Mohamad Ramli (Avaa Vanja) (Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang )
Diana Rafar Susuk)

In this category, Julia's main competition would be coming from LISA SURIHANI (the next PRIMADONA Layar Perak) and Diana Rafar. These two ladies played leading roles in their respective films and thus showcasing their acting abilities. It wasn't GREAT but it was ENOUGH to show their range and what they are capable of doing. As for the rest well, simply put they are forgettable. Julia might come in merely a close 3rd! Moving on:

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Nabila Huda Bin Suhaimi (Nabila) (Akhirat)
Sabaranu Binti Baharudin (Nanu) (1957: Hati Malaya)
Azizah Binti Mahzan (Azizah Mahzan) (Anak)
Rominah Sidek (Ruminah Sidek) (Pensil)
Wan Intan Edrinas Binti Wan Mokhtar (Dynas Mokhtar) (Kayangan)

The recently wed, Dynas is up against fellow all stars who have been in the industry long enough to have skillfully mastered the art of ACTING except Nabila! Nabila can jump as high as she want but she is out of their league. As for this category it looks pretty much like someone is trying to pull a JUDI DENCH at the oscars for SHAKESPERE IN LOVE. But i doubt it. Since Ruminah Sidek lost to last years favorite Best Supporting Actress, Azean Irdawaty, she will be bagging home the award for this year. But, if she doesn't win this time someone needs to give her an award for BEST FEMALE VETERAN because its long overdue! Dynas is indeed a great actress and has rightfully deserved the nomination. Her performance in Apa Kata Hati was brilliant as well. Many good roles will come her way. Finally:

Best Actress
Maya Karin Roelcke (Maya Karin) (Anak Halal)
Fazira Wan Chek (Erra Fazira) (Anak)
NurFazura Binti Sharfuddin (Fazura) (Kayangan)
Noraishah Binti Abdul Aziz (Nasha Aziz) (Otai)
Vanidah Imran (Vanidah Imran) (Akhirat)

I really do question the juries for this list of nominations. I really didnt see this coming. It was a shocker not to just myself but fellow media reporters as well. The thing is these reporters are being invited to every movie press preview session and would of known who stood out the most for this years film festival. And to see that their list of favorites didn't make it to the list just questions what the jury saw in the finalist. 3 names deserve to be there, but the other two? I will be elaborating more on who got snubbed for this category after this posting. But for this category to me it will be the battle between the BRIDE TO BE, MAYA KARIN and WIFE 2nd time around also the current reigning PRIMADONA LAYAR PERAK, ERRA FAZIRA. I favor Erra over Maya Karin because in this movie we saw an absolutely OPPOSITE SIDE of Erra we havent seen before. It was the most challenging role she has done by far. Throughout her more than 10 year career as an actress this is HER BEST acting to date! She really deserves to win. As for Fazura she will be in 3rd.

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