Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm Not Single - A Breath of Fresh Air

Firstly i would like to apologize to those who continuously check up on my blog for new postings. I've been very busy lately with work that i have no time at all to make the entries that i have listed down to do in my blog. Let's tackle this one by one shall we. Here it goes.

A few weeks ago i manage to tag along with a friend of mine to the press preview of I'm Not Single directed by Pierre Andre. It's his 2nd attempt in the director's chair since 9 September which didn't do well in the cinemas. Honestly going into this press preview i didn't have any expectation at all. NONE! I was just tagging along because my friend was invited and he had no one to accompany him. Being a good friend, which i am, i decided to just sit it out and hope that i don't snore in the cinema.

As the guest started arriving one particular person caught my eye, LISA SURIHANI! She is indeed drop dead gorgeous. Her smile just blows me away. She has this aura, this presence that makes her stand out without even trying to hard. I've seen her in the movie trailer but i never knew that she would be this gorgeous in person. I might be exaggerating but its just me. I know BEAUTY when i see it.

Anyway moving on to the movie, 30 minutes into the screening all i could say was i never expected it to come out that way. I was caught off guard totally with its storyline and attempt in being original. I took this as a sign, NEVER HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS BECAUSE YOU MIGHT BE DISSAPOINTED! In this case i had no expectations at all but i was actually enjoying the film. It was entertaining in its own way and just proves how Pierre Andre has matured as a director. He definitely learnt from his previous flaws and came back with something much solid. It's a feel good movie for me that is definitely worth to watch. One scene to look for would be the scene where FARID KAMIL answers LISA's hand phone while she takes a shower. That scene was just simply hilarious!!!

As for the cast, the one that blew me away was definitely LISA SURIHANI. She wasn't FANTASTIC but she was GREAT! She filled in the character perfectly and made it her own. As you continue to watch her character to develop throughout the movie you begin to see her acting capabilities that if were to polish even more with proper coaching and future good roles she would definitely be huge one day. SHE IS IT. THE NEXT SCREEN QUEEN. Someone with a package and who could actually ACT!

As for the rest of the cast, Farid was so charming and naughty in his own way. He gave something different in the film but i can't grasp on what it was. He was pleasant to watch. Pairing Farid and Lisa was just brilliant. The chemistry between the two of them was believable.

AWAL & INTAN, well what could i say bout these two. NOTHING! Well Awal stil has a long way to go in this business. It would take a while for him to be equally or at least close enough to Farid's acting talents. INTAN on the other hand, MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't see what directors see in her. Seriously she needs acting classes.

As for the cameo appearances by David Teo & Ahmad Idham really served most of the comedy in the movie. David is surprisingly a funny man. Even during his opening speech for the press preview he was cracking jokes like no one's business.

Overall the film to me is a feel good movie. Pierre has a lot of potential to be GREAT since he is representing the younger generation in film directing. I see great things to come from him. Hopefully he doesn't let me down.


Hidney said...

haven't seen the film yet but i'm looking forward for it. 9 september on the other hand... hmmm such a dissapointment. couldn't agree with you more on that

Fikri said...

i really like the songs in the movie.. if you know the title can you please email me at

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