Monday, July 7, 2008

Beauty & The Beast The Musical Vs. Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical

This is a very late entry since it has passed quite a while but its worth writing. Been wanting to write about it but never seemed to have the time. Here it goes.

On 27th June 2008, i had purchased myself with a few other friends to watch one of the biggest musicals of all time BEAUTY & THE BEAST. The musical itself has been seen by nearly over 25 million people and i was surely not going to be left out on such a historical production. Nominated for nine Tony awards including Best Musical, this breathtaking musical has been wowing audiences world-wide with record breaking runs. And now the magic of this spectacularly smash-hit musical produced by UK Productions Ltd finally came to Kuala Lumpur.

Well i myself am not well off and was kinda tight on budget with everything that is going on so i purchased the RM90 ticket. I thought i was going to regret for not spending a bit more on the rm150 tickets but surprisingly enough the seats for that ticket price was not much of a difference from my rm90 ticket. Pity to those who purchased them.

As the musical started, i was having trouble trying to listen to the narration. The audio was painfully low and made the experience very unsatisfactory. The problem was that the speakers were at the lower deck where the stalls were unlike the ones in Istana Budaya where they have speakers on top as well. I tried not to focus so much on the audio as to i know how the story goes but it was just painful for me because i wanted to SING ALONG with the rest of the casts.

Well anyway, apart from the audio i enjoyed the rest of it. The production was very much working on its limited source of GRAND COSTUMES and SETS like the ones they had back in London, but the acting by some of the cast made it worth while. Especially the gentleman who portrayed Lumiere! He stole the night definitely. A very big crowd pleaser indeed. Was turned off by Gaston as to his character was supposed to be very arrogant and masculine rather then very goofy and irritating!

What made this musical a success was because it had that extra ingredient, MAGIC! The magic effect made it very interesting to watch. The effects it had going on was just brilliant in certain scenes. The use of sound effects complimented a lot in their performance. There was this one scene which reminded so much of P.RAMLEE THE MUSICAL. It was this scene where Gaston and his mate were in the bar and are clanking their beer mugs together into this fantastic choreography. It brought me back to the scene in P.RAMLEE THE MUSICAL where they were dancing using the TEROMPAH when P.Ramlee got married to Junaidah.

As the curtain call was going on me and my friends were clapping our hands to the cast and the rest of the production crew. I whispered to my friend and said would it be cool macam TIBA-TIBA Tiara came running out in her PGL attire and singing KATAKANLAHHHHHHH KEPADAKUUUU BAHAWA HADIRMU SEMATA_MATA CINTAAAAAAA. How i miss PGLM so so so much. Actually after seeing BATB Musical, i respect Datin Sri Tiara Jacqueline even more for pulling off 2 seasons of each production for Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical and P.Ramlee The Musical. It's obviously not an easy task and she manage to pull it off. I saw her during the intermission at the BATB musical. Im sure she was there to get some pointers on how to make her next production an even remarkable experience.

Well Datin Sri if by chance your reading my blog (since i always read urs) with this post, PLEASE I BEG YOU TO BRING BACK PUTERI GUNUNG LEDANG THE MUSICAL. I watched both seasons when it came out. First season i managed to watch it 6 times and 3 Times for the second season as the tickets were selling so fast. I am a huge fan of PGL very much. I really hope that PGLM revisits IB and bring back KISAH CINTA AGUNG!