Monday, May 5, 2008

Kalau Ada Cinta Pasti U-Turn - WTH????

The 24th film installment by our renowned director Prof Madya A. Razak Mohaiddien makes it debut in the cinemas last week during the labor day holidays. After viewing his latest "MASTER-PIECE" i just can't stop saying to myself why does someone of his "INTELLIGENCE" never come to realize that his works are just an embarrassment to our local film industry. He is one of the reasons why many have given up hope on our local film industry.

First there is the ridiculous plot. Second the bad acting from all of its cast one in particular is our very own so called PRIMADONA FASHA SANDHA!!! She's just a pretty thing to look at but truth be told she's SH*T!! One thing that they succeeded though was turning AWIE into one BIG JOKE!

The technical side of the movie wasn't even that good either. The sound of the movie was so terrible that it was unbearable. It was obvious that this movie was so rushed that it didnt even care of its numerous technical error. Even with his IMPORTED D.O.P from India none of the shots were even captivating at all. Any local D.O.P could of pulled it off and even BETTER!

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