Friday, May 23, 2008

Apa Kata Hati? Hati Kata Suka

As it is being said, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’. What if a women is able to hear all those internal musings of men? Sounds scary, isn’t it? ‘APA KATA HATI’ is about an imaginary situation, when the female (an over the top love is all i need girl) by divine intervention or ( by the power of BOMOHism) is able to hear the thoughts of men. And what this blessing disguised as a curse or vice versa does to her life forms the rest of the story.

There is always a huge gap between what we say and we think. The gap is probably by a bigger margin for a woman as women think a lot. Women also worry a lot. These unnecessary worries contribute to fatigue and depression, which in turn makes her a bundle of confusions. But, men who don’t fuss too much on anything are bound to simple and insensitive, in other words simply insensitive.

Elly (Raja Farah) is a young fashion designer who works at Boutique Karya Anggun. She is madly head over heels for Aidil (Farid Kamil). Her close friend Linda (Dynas) doubts every inch of Aidil as she actually think he's cheating on her. In seek of truth Linda persuades Elly to visit a witchdoctor and get answers. On one fine day she is being given a gift dreamt by most women, the ability to hear what men thinks. She sees this as a curse when she hears more negative things rather than positive things. With her new found gift she also gets confused in choosing her soul mate. With all these mixed emotions she finally decides to follow her heart.

This movie is very closely RELATED to WHAT WOMEN WANTS directed by Penny Marshall in 2000 with acts by Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. But, there is a sense of originality in terms of plot and character developments that makes APA KATA HATI an interesting movie to watch. Apart from that another reason to watch it would be that its directed by acclaimed film director behind PUTERI GUNUNG LEDANG, SAW TEONG HIN and the COMEBACK of the legendary FAUZIAH AHMAD DAUD.

Saw Teong Hin returns to the silver screen with a romantic comedy flick in hand. Will it be praised like what he did with Puteri Gunung Ledang, i doubt it. I didn't feel the "MAGIC" that he had in PGL. But i dont blame him. With the budget he had in hand he delivered accordingly with what was given to him. He was absolutely out of his element in filmaking. He pulled it off certainly. He himself mentioned he had a new respect for local filmmakers who had to make films this way.

Overall the movie was worth having me sit down and watch the whole 1hour 45 minutes. But i was a bit disappointed as i expected too much maybe. The first 15 minutes into the movie flowed smoothly but as it went on i was left a bit stuck figuring when will it take off. It's like your stuck in the 3rd gear. It wont budge. The scenes where it was suppose to take off didn't do much to me. I also realized that certain scenes weren't supported with a great score. You know when your watching all this romantic flick and you have this AMAZING score that just plays with your emotions and you start to feel like your over the rainbow? Yeah those kind of scores.

But nonetheless the movie was saved very much by the comedy acts of AC MIZAL and DYNAS! AC MIZAL as the BOMOH was just simply BRILLIANT! His scenes are really worth to watch. Dynas on the other hand brought it all the way till the end. Honestly i didn't expect it from her but she outshine the rest of the cast with a fantastic performance. Ogy's return to film proved once again that she is OGY AHMAD DAUD! I wouldn't want to share much as im NO SPOILER ok! By the way look out for the 17 CAMEOS! Let's see if you manage to spot all of them.

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