Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Firstly would like to apologize to all for not keeping this blog updated. I've been very busy lately thus no posting for over a month. Anyway im back now so hope you all enjoy reading my blog.

Now where should i start with this horrific feature that i myself am very much ashamed to have spent my time watching. This feature film by Sri Saheb production is THE MOST BACKDATED, LAME, HILARIOUS (which it shouldn't be) film i have seen so far this year from our local film industry.

"AKHIRAT" is supposed to be a romantic drama about a pure and virtuous maiden Mira (VANIDAH IMRAN) who struggles to keep her life going amidst the fact that she is HIV-positive. What the movie turned out was far different from what it should intend to be originally. Romance turned into COMEDY! Drama turned into MELODARAMA! In addition, the movie had a distinct Hindi flavour about it, with flamboyant dance scenes and costumes, ludicrous baddies, as well as non-stop, intense music to help each and every scene along. Just picture this a group of BORIA'S dancing in all striking outfits in ZOUK! It just doesnt add up!

When i was watching this film it seemed VERY amateurish! If it was a college student's FINAL project i could forgive him and give credits for his PURE effort! But, this film was directed by THE PRESIDENT of PPFM (Persatuan Pekerja-Pekerja Filem Malaysia @ Film Workers Association of Malaysia) Another reason why he should be ashamed is because he had the GUTS to actually IMPORT a foreign D.O.P for the film when he had all the list of people locally to work on this film who is in my opinion MORE QUALIFIED in terms of quality compared to what was produced onscreen.

The "romantic" scenes between Mira and husband Amran were laughable, as they came across more as awkward high school sweethearts engaging in the dating game for the first time, rather then grown-up newlyweds. Furthermore, there was this particular scene when Amran desperately wants to CONSUMMATE their marriage since he has been away for a long time due to his work, Mira resists him, what should be an emotional, tense scene instead made the whole audience burst out in laughters when Amran passionately declares in his THICK ENGLISH ACCENT "I WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO YOU!" I was like LMAO along with all the others who were present at the Grand Premiere which i had attended. Even the MAIN ACTORS themselves LAUGHED AT IT! If i was the director i would of HANGED myself right outside the theatre! Having people laugh at your work during YOUR Grand Premiere is very embarassing due to its genre not being COMEDY!

The only LOGICAL reason that was being spoonfed to the media to watch this film over and over again was THE LOVE MAKING SCENE splattered all over the newspapers. That love making scene is KIDDIES work compared to all the other so called LOVE MAKING scene our local film industry has produced! To me THE ONLY ELEMENT that draws audience attraction to watch this movie is NABILA HUDA's THIGH and her acting of course! She played the hell out of that character and delivered PERFECTLY to me.

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