Thursday, April 17, 2008

MALAIKAT MAUT (Angel Of Death)

This particular movie has been put been put on hold for quite some time. Tayangan Unggul wouldn't want to mess this one up. Strategically they are waiting for THE RIGHT TIME to release this film. Reasons because they wouldnt want the film to face the same fate as ANAK HALAL!! Honestly ANAK HALAL was a very well crafted movie by Osman Ali. But i myself am very much clueless to why it wasn't as big as it was supposed to be. Was it wrong timing? Was the movie too much to handle? Anyways from the looks of this trailer this one is pretty much as promising like ANAK HALAL.

Episode 1: Eternal Peace - A young woman, Lina, is on her way home from university. There is another young woman (Fadilah) on the bus. An eerie feeling accompanies Lina on the bus. She reaches home, still feeling the cold cutting through her bones. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. A sweet na├»ve girl stands at the entrance, asking for help, wanting to stay over for the night, her bag has been stolen she says. Feeling pity for the girl who is soaking wet, Lina lets her stay and the girl sleeps soundly. The next morning, she is gone. No one believes Lina’s story. Then on the news, there is a story of a missing girl. It is the same girl who had stayed over. Lina feels she needs to know more. Fadilah was actually raped and killed, and her soul is not at peace.

Episode 2: The Light of Hope - Farah is a stewardess who is living her life to the fullest - drugs, sex and alcohol. She then marries her long-time boyfriend, a foreigner, who converted for love, or more appropriately…for lust. When she returns from a trip, they decide to hold a party. Feeling left out when she sees her husband flirting with other women, they fight and she leaves. Later, she wakes up in a hospital, with a strange woman by her side. Farah then tells her of the horrors she was put through. She thought she had died and gone to hell….. She had. But she is offered a second chance by God to change her way of life. She would like to repent.

Episode 3: The Tortured Punishment - A young man, JJ, forgets his roots and his religion. Tattoos on his body, black metal blaring on his stereo and free sex a regular practice, he is the son who has crushed his mother’s heart. On his way back from an illegal black metal concert, JJ and his friends got involved in an accident, and JJ has serious injury. His death is painful and slow. His dying moment is tortured and revolting. His mother asks him to repent but it is too late for him. His mouth cannot form the words, his heart as cold as ice. His suffering is never ending. Until the time he is buried, his soul is not at rest.

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