Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kita Pergi Rumah Opah Lah! Kita Main CONGKAK (2)

This latest installment from the team that brought you JANGAN PANDANG BELAKANG is now haunting in theaters starting today. When traditional game turns into a haunted subject, you get "CONGKAK". The Malay traditional game is explored through this interesting plot and proper direction along with precise narration. It might not be too early to say that this will be the horror flick of the year. If we are to look into box office ticket sales EVOLUSI KL DRIFT is very much leading being the highest grossing film of the year. But, that is not stopping the controversial producer DAVID TEO to be releasing the film giving EVOLUSI KL DRIFT a run for its money.

When i first read the sinopsis of this film i was just taken back to a 1987 classic "RAHSIA" which won BEST FILM in the 7th installment of Festival Filem Malaysia back then. David Teo stressed in his speech that the audio for this film is 98% as close to the audio being used in HOLLYWOOD nowadays. Upon hearing that i was looking forward to have a good time watching the film. But, sadly it was just otherwise.

The use of audio in this film is absolutely absurd! The director is imposing FEAR in his audience with the typical use of EEEERIE sound effects and JOLTS here and there. Who wouldnt jump out of his/her seat when your being stunned out of the blue with OVER THE TOP LOUD sound effects. Apart from the audio, another thing that was bothering me was the use of CGI AGAIN by the director in this film. It was just ludicrous. It was used a lot in the end when the shaman was confronting the spirit. I mean, if you choose to use CGI make sure it looks great on screen but its pretty much otherwise. It looks AMATEURISH like the ones being used in IMPAK MAKSIMA. The scene itself looked like a scene from STREET FIGHTERS between RYU or KEN with the spirit.

Enough said bout the technical part of the film. As for the casts of this film Erynne Erynna who plays Lisa absolutely was the highlight of the film. The petite actress has proved that she has a big talent to show off. Erynne, who was previously seen in Khabir Bhatia's "CINTA" proved that she has something to offer this industry in the near future.

Nanu Baharuddin who plays Sufiah, the wife and mother, gave her best performance so far. Although she was seen previously in Shuhaimi's "PONTIANAK" films and "WARIS JARI HANTU", the ghoulish flick unveils a completely different side to her character play as an actress.

As for Ruminah Sidek popularly known as MAK MAH didnt give much of a performance unlike JANGAN PANDANG BELAKNG. It's due to the lack of dialogue being given to her. Still nonetheless she did an excellent job. I'm sure she would be one of the reasons why people would go and watch this film.

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