Friday, April 25, 2008


I have been refraining myself so so much from actually blogging this post but i just cant resist. I admit that i have a HUGE PROBLEM with DIANA DANIELLE! By now you would all know her well from the film EVOLUSI KL DRIFT.

I attended the grand premiere for EVOLUSI KL DRIFT and i must say during the Q&A session with the media she sounded SO BLONDE! Imagine this:

MEDIA: Saya nak bertanyakan pada DIANA, apa perasaan you terhadap filem EVOLUSI KL DRIFT ini dan berlakon di bawah SYAMSUL YUSOF?

DIANA: Hmmmm i raserrrrr it's a good film. Hmmmmm SYAMSUL did a good job and i'm proud of him lah.

MEDIA: Apa cabaran yang you hadapi ketika pengambaran?

DIANA: Well i raserrrr watak ini agak mencabarrrrr. Tak sangka saya boleh bawa watak macam tue. Saya berpuas hati lah with the result. That's all i can say.

MEDIA: Apa pesanan you kepada mereka yang ingin menonton film EVOLUSI KL DRIFT.

DIANA: Hmmm... Filem nie bagus ada banyak new things in the film. Ada banyak kereta cantik-cantik. A good job done by Syamsul and i think it's going to be huge lah. That's all i could say.

Don't get me started with the interview she did with MICHELLE on MELODI the previous weeks!!!

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