Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Erra Fazira is REALLY an actress. WOW!

It just amazes me how one person can absolutely transform under the direction of another. Some people do bring out the best in you. Its just the matter of WHO! In this case our very own MULTI-TALENTED SCREEN QUEEN, Erra Fazira, manage to convince a lot of our audience that she REALLY could act. What she's trying to say is its not like KULIAH CINTA, SEMBILU, PASRAH, CINTA KOLESTEROL and what not. It's absolutely a new side of Erra. She acts her heart out in her latest flick ANAK.

I was bored out of my mind and had nothing much to do. So i decided to head to the cinemas and give a go at this movie. Reason being was the so called trailer which was a music video to NING BAIZURA's - MELANKOLIA seemed to be very promising.

Anyways the movie itself started off quite slow. The build up of the whole plot and the characters themselves took so long that i got tired of waiting and made me bored. There were a few scenes which i think was just a waste of film but i wouldnt want to elaborate more on that. What do i know hey! Erra's character was very convincing indeed. She looked so natural and her emotions were conveyed accordingly. I salute her for a great acting performance. Hopefully we get to see more of this kind of acting from her.

As for Ida Nerina, well she is damn IDA NERINA go figure!! She delivers. She always delivers. In this particular flick she made one hell of a SUPERMODEL. She dressed like one, she talked like one and behaved like one. She pulled it off perfectly.

But also not forgetting the MAIN ROLE in the movie was the ANAK in diapers who kept on creeping the audience. Just to be crawling here and there, sitting on the bed, gawking at you it sure wasn't much to do but this kid scared the shit out of many people. He sure made an impact without saying a single word.

The movie itself had its originality here and there but you just can't seem to stop saying to yourself i've seen this before. There were a few scenes which was just PHOTOCOPIED directly from other horror flicks especially those of JU-ON and THE EYE. Stil in my opinion it was worth my ticket fare to watch it. It was absolutely something different technical wise. Creatively they could of done much better. Come on think of new ways to scare people. Getting bored with endless PONTIANAK's and JU-ON's relatives!

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