Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Duyung CANTIK, Cerita ZERO!

Recently i was invited by a fellow friend to the premiere screening of KRU's, Lineclear & Grand Brilliance latest so called BOX-OFFICE to be, "DUYUNG". It definitely wasn't like any normal premieres ive been to. It was jammed pack with a lot of DIGI loyal customers who collected their tickets to watch the screening at the same time. It was like a circus of its own. They had this huge Duyung backdrop at the cinema with a so called 'DUYUNG' and her MERMAN sitting there in their scaly tails looking all nice and dandy. Both were a hit.

Anyways back to the film. I had very high expectations for this film because the trailer was just WHOAAAAAAAA! The underwater shots themselves were enough of a reason to go and watch the film. But it turned out, i was disappointed big time. Not just disappointed but frustrated as well. The movie is yes CANTIK! (beautiful, for all you who don't understand Malay) But that was just it. Nothing else. It was just a waste of a very high potential movie that could of been something magical. There was no magic to it. The only magic i felt was the underwater shots. The beautiful corals of SIPADAN ISLAND, Sabah.

It was like watching ANAK MAMI, MAMI JARUM, NANA TANJUNG, MAMI JUNIOR and all of its other close descendents, the only difference was this was made BEAUTIFULLY with amazing shots. That was just it. Typical of Prof. Madya A. Razak like in many of his other directorials, to have all these weired unnecessary and absolutely not funny at all SOUND EFFECTS! It was driving me crazy. I just can't seem to find the purpose of those sound effects. Apart from that the story had no creativity. It was so 'DRY' even being surrounded with all of that seawater.

What i liked about the movie was just MAYA KARIN swimming in her mermaid outfit. W saw the stil photos i wasn't convinced but as you see it on screen it looked beautiful. Monhen iey spent wisely on the outfit. Maya Karin was swimming effortlessly as if she has been swimming with fins all her life. Her movement underwater was just beautiful. I also have never seen anyone who looks drop dead gorgeous underwater. She really worked it out well. Acting wise she really needs to do something with that accent of hers. As always i can't get pass that accent of hers. With that said about Maya, what i don't understand was every time when she goes under water and resurface back her hair just seemed to be so dry! What we Malay's call KEJUNG(stiff)! Why did she stil have to wear a bloody wig? If the wig was to prevent damage to her hair why couldn't there just be any continuity or self common sense that when hair hits the water its suppose to be WET not DRY! Was i the only one with eyes or the rest of the crew were just simply clueless about this?

And as for the rest of the cast who was on this so called village. They had matching attires. Why was this? Was i watching WATERWORLD? Am i to expect KEVIN COSTNER to jump out all of a sudden? As for Apek, he does what he does best. But the thing is he just needs to know when to not over do it. As for the pet monkey called ORIX he kept on promoting DIGI throughout the entire film with his one line FU-YOH, FU-YOH!

The film had a huge potential but was killed by its own story. The level of difficulty in making this particular film was said to be the most difficult ever to be made because it was done nearly 90% on water. Sets were said to have drifted away into sea. Nearly drowned our very own DUYUNG! Great mermaid suit, beautiful cinematography but sad to say ZERO story!

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