Saturday, February 23, 2008


I left this film feeling betrayed! I did not connect with Robbie and C as a couple, this adaption was too disjointed to allow that, and too schizophrenic for any continuity. I didn't know what I was watching, or what they were trying to accomplish. I did not connect with this strange little girl, or her older selves. It was beautifully shot, some scenes were poetic, but the movie was crap! If you take snips of acting scenes there was good acting, but they were good actors.

The movie was selfish, it had the opportunity to be one of the great love stories of our time, if only they had really allowed it to develop, instead of trying to be too many movies at one time;so, that we could all connect. If they were trying to make a statement that it is disjointed because it is this little girls onesided version of the events, spawned from her "guilt," they should have advertised it as so, because it was not a love story. It was a slight depiction of one as witnessed from an outsider, who apparently did not connect with anyone in her life, but her typewriter.

The use of the flashbacks distracted me from getting involved in the characters. I found absolutely no chemistry between Robbie and Cecilia. There were only 2-3 major scenes when they were together. I would have cut back on the war footage and given me more story on why thes two people fell in love with each other. And my reaction to Briney was that she should have been taken out to the woodshed. There was very little emotion in this story. It is certainly not one of the worst films of the year, but it is one of the most disappointing.

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