Saturday, February 23, 2008


Cotillard's incarnation of singer Edith Piaf has won her Golden Globe and BAFTA awards this season, and placed the 32-year-old as a frontrunner against Oscar veteran Julie Christie Sunday night.

I hate biopics, and seldom am I impressed with the actors who place themselves in them (exception of course given to Helen Mirren), but Marion Cotillard's performance as the tragic French singer Edith Piaf is shattering. There's a sincere distinction between her Piaf versus, say, Jamie Foxx's Ray Charles in that she's not delivering an impersonation; she's literally possessed. I haven't seen such a rapturous transformation portrayed anywhere.

Away From Her's Julie Christie, who last won this category 42 years ago with Darling, has led the race from the get-go, but La Vie En Rose's Marion Cotillard won the BAFTA for her turn as French singer Edith Piaf, a performance that showcased ageing, heartbreak, illness and skilful lip-synching. Still, the British Academy has consistently proved itself more open to foreign language films than the American one.

Cotillard (A Good Year, A Very Long Engagement, Big Fish) gives one of the most remarkable performances seen anywhere in years; she brilliantly captures Piaf’s fragility, the constant, nagging fear that everything around her could disappear in an instant, leaving her back on the streets. I was just simply left speechless looking at her acting out the role of an iconic person being THE VOICE of PARIS! She played the role of Edith Piaf at 3 different ages of her life and carried it out so convincingly. Its been so long since i've seen such a performance by an actress in a leading role. To me she really deserves to win the award on basis of not being bias but just by purely judging that she is one talented actress.

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