Thursday, January 3, 2008


This is a new chapter in the things that i do for this new year. Well it just seems the right thing to do since i have so many free time for myself and its just about time i get started with expressing myself to others in a more wider medium besides using my one gifted voice. So here it goes. To all my future blog readers hope this blogspace will be an enjoyable and informational one. Apart from that it will just be a place for me to bitch about stuff but that doesn't mean I'm hard to satisfy. Plus there will be sometimes i will be derailed from the essence of this blogspace which is my passion about film, but just bare with me on it. If im talking about it, there must be a reason why. So, LADIES n GENTS, QUEERS n STRAIGHTS n not forget the BI's, i present u LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

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