Monday, January 14, 2008

Maya Karin The Little Mermaid

Duyung (Mermaid) is the latest edition to KRU FILMS, Lineclear Motion Pictures Sdn. Bhd. and Grand Brilliance to the local film industry which is due for its release in March this year. According to Maya herself that the role itself was the most challenging for her so far eventhough it took her a very long time to embody the role in Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam, this particular role was absolutely in a different league of its own. It very much worn her out throughout the whole filming process. But indeed the outcome is said to be something extraordinary and the first ever local film to ever be shot mostly on water.

The film itself was fully shot in Pulau Sipadan, Sabah which to me seemed to be the most captivating place that hasn't be explored yet in this manner in our country. As you could clearly see the image speaks for itself.

The Duyung costume was produced out of foam and latex in Bangkok, Thailand. They had to make 4 copies of the costume as it takes a while for it to dry after a full days shoot. Due to the costume being very heavy Maya had to be strolled out on set. While looking through the stil photos for this film it absolutely reminded me of WATERWORLD. I so don't want this to turn into another WATERWORLD FLOP! With all of the right elements for a potential movie, the only thing that could go wrong with the whole movie is its screenplay which is normally the case of why our local films aren’t as popular to those of HOLLYWOOD box office movies. Let’s just hope for the best.

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Ouch.. the rubber-tail-suit looks rather slippery and freakish