Monday, January 14, 2008

Hans Isaac Gambles CUCI

The film CUCI was recently premiered in ONE UTAMA, with all of the main cast INCLUDING Erra showed up for the film promotion and press conference. We all know the s**t that them both had gone in the past but for her to actually show up after all of the speculations about her abandoning the film promotions was finally answered. She arrived along with fellow BFF UMIE AIDA who seemed to be wearing the same thing but in different colors. No clue what was that all about but anyways Erra Fazira very much acted professionally with all of the guests and the media who attended the premiere.

Nonetheless, enough of Erra back to the movie. Well i must say Hans pretty much gambled a lot with this film and with this kind of storyline. You just can't seem to stop thinking throughout the whole film that it so much reflected on Afdlin's work such as SUMOLAH, BULI & BULI BALIK. The comedy was definitely there but AFDLIN style! The film started of very strong and solid with all the visuals and building up of the movie but as it got towards the middle it kinda lost its momentum thus slowing down but manage to finish in the end. Hans himself admitted that his work on this film was very much influenced by AFDLIN himself since he has worked with Afdlin so many times and looks up to him.


4 young boys JOJO (AWIE), FAIRIL (AFDLIN SHAUKI), C’TAN (AC MIZAL and KHAI (HANS), adopted into the same family leave their kampung home and head for Kuala Lumpur to hit the big time in the cleaning business. Frustrated after losing several jobs because of his younger brother’s lack of seriousness, FAIRIL the leader and most ambitious of the 4, inspires them to enter the Window Washing Olympics. Winning this competition will pit them against the current cleaning contract holders for the biggest window-cleaning job of them all- KLCC, and catapult the brothers into the window-cleaning world of skyscrapers.

Will for me this is an entertaining movie due to the comedy input that all 4 character brings. Plus with that so many cameo appearences it is pretty much worth to watch. Look out for Ida Nerina's appearence. It sure is one hell of a scene. Apart from that this might be the last time you would see HANS and ERRA working on a film together! I wonder who would play her character in HANS upcoming film MINAH!

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