Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Charlie Wilson's War simultaneously entertains and informs."

This is an entertaining Hollywood film that has a lot to say underneath its glamorous facade. Hanks, Hoffman and Roberts play real-life people who want to make a difference, do, but then are turned away when they want to get at the root of the difference they were trying to make in the first place. Charlie Wilson's "war" may literally mean the war that was financed and fought between the Afghans and Soviets, but it also symbolizes the lasting war, which is being fought by all of us, against the system that turns its head when real efforts need to be made so that people like Charlie Wilson don't need to take on an entire mission by themselves.

Apart from that its the return of the ever so beautiful Ms. Julia Roberts to the silver screen after hiding behind that voiceover for a spider in Charlotte's Web with co-star Dakota Fanning and fellow famous talk show host OPRAH. She played the role brilliantly and it just seems that she might of gotten some job done on her lips coz it looks extra refined in the movie. There is this one to die scene with her in this drop dead gorgeous black dress just makes her look absolutely stunning.

Apart from that this film is also nominated for the coveted award at this years GOLDEN GLOBE awards for BEST MOTION PICTURE - COMEDY OR MUSICAL up against other big films such as Across The Universe, Hairspray, Juno & Sweeney Todd. Apart from that this film is also nominated for 4 other impressive awards.

BEST PERFORMANCE by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
- Tom Hanks

BEST PERFORMANCE by an Actress in a Supporting Role for a Motion Picture
- Julia Roberts

BEST PERFORMANCE by an Actress in a Supporting Role for a Motion Picture
- Philip Seymour Hoffman

- Charlie Wilson's War

I recommed this movie for a couple of educational reasons. First, you can compare it to the book, which is not all that unusual. HOWEVER. You can also compare it to the History Channel Documentary.

My mind kept repeating. Good Grief Charlie Brown. The lead character sort of REMINDED me of Hanks, but without the box of chocolates or miniature corn cob. Roberts? Jeeze. If she doesn't have lip reduction surgery soon she may never work again.

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